Mobile Advertising Hits Mobile Web First

CNet has a good piece on mobile advertising and marketing, pointing out that in the US advertising on mobiles is via the mobile websites of big brands, with Jeremy Steinberg, vice president of digital media sales and business development at Fox News Channel, saying that Fox started the practice because advertisers were asking for it. The current issue is that the carriers pretty much own the customer, able to control what content all (or a large portion that don’t have browser capable phones) of their customers sees, and controlling the information about the customer such as habits, location, as well as billing. And they’re pretty cautious about not annoying their customers… It’s expected that the walled gardens will eventually open up, but how long that will take is unknown. Mobile advertising seems to have entered the zeitgeist pretty heavily recently.
Mobile Industry News has an article highlighting an opinion of GDC Mobile boss Robert Tercek that mobile games will soon be ad-supported… “We are at the end of the golden age of paid downloads”.
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