Wireless Users Bright Spot For US Media

A recent report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) has issued its annual report State of the News Media, with mostly bad news for the news industry, reports Jurnalo. One bright spot was mobile, with the study finding that mobile internet users are more likely to look at news online than those who access the web in other ways. This is from a note about the Pew survey (here) which found that “a third (34 percent) of all online adults in the U.S. have now logged onto the Internet using a wireless connection, such as a laptop computer, cell phone, or a personal digital assistant (PDA) such as a Palm Pilot, BlackBerry or Treo”. It found that 46 percent of all wireless users go online for news on any given day, but of the wireless users in the survey only 25 percent said they had an internet-enabled mobile phone. It’s suggested this is important for the news media because wireless users tend to be a younger demographic (almost a third are between 18 and 29) which are more attractive to advertisers.