Apple Adds “My Alerts” to iTunes Store

If you are a frequent customer of the iTunes Store, you already know you can ask to be alerted by e-mail on specific artists, to learn if they’ve released any new material. Alternatively, you can also ask to be alerted by e-mail to all new releases from all artists from whom you’ve ever purchased anything.

myalertsToday, the “Alerts” option expanded beyond e-mail, as when logging into the iTunes Store, I saw a “New” tag on the right side under Quick Links, called “My Alerts”. By clicking on “My Alerts”, I can view all new music or music videos from artists I’ve flagged, without having to wait for the weekly e-mails from Apple.

I’ve included two partial screenshots showing the two options in “My Alerts”, for “Music” and “Music Videos”. Looking ahead in speculative mode, it’s not too farfetched to think eventually Apple could extend the alerts program to TV shows or movies and offer alerts by actor, director, or subject, much as TiVo does with its “Wish List”.

iTunes Store: My Alerts: Music

iTunes Store: My Alerts: Music Videos

The move is just one more way Apple is looking to better personalize the iTunes Store experience, as and TiVo have before it. From the “Just for You” feature which tries to guess at other tunes I would like and the addition of a more-embedded “My Alerts”, Apple is certainly making strides to make it even easier for me to find and buy what I want quickly. To visit your own “My Alerts” page in the iTunes Store, Visit “My Alerts”.