Brick and mortar shopping in Seattle with a mobile twist

Casio p505As you know, while I’ve been screwing off working hard in Seattle Kevin has been doing a great job keeping jkOnTheRun hopping (thanks, buddy!).  I had some unexpected free time (the best kind) yesterday and I did something I don’t do very often.  I decided to see if there was a camera store near my hotel to pick up a 2GB high-speed SD card to use with the Fujitsu P1610 for ReadyBoost.  Geek that I am I went online to check which brands and cards have been proven to be compatible with ReadyBoost and armed with my list I headed over to Cameras West, just a block from the hotel.  Long story short on the SD cards, I tried 3 different brands but all report to be lacking in performance enough for ReadyBoost.  They are all on the list so at this point I’m pretty sure the SD drive in the P1610 is not fast enough to meet the ReadyBoost performance requirements which is too bad.  I’d really like to get this working as it would no doubt be a big performance improvement if I could use ReadyBoost in the SD slot.  Is anyone able to get this working on a P1610?  The excursion wasn’t a total washout as I picked up a Casio Exilim EX-P505 camera (affiliate link), and I’m very pleased with the little beauty.

Normally when I’m going to buy a gadget like this I research it thoroughly online, check out user reviews, and then order it online where I find the best price.  This purchase was out of the ordinary for me because I saw it in the store and since it was a good price (although cheaper online) it was very appealing, especially since my Nikon had bitten the dust several months back and I’ve been borrowing my wife’s Casio camera.  Good thing I’m jkOnTheRun as I pulled the P1610 out of my backpack and thanks to the good folks running EV-DO for Verizon I hopped online and did my research right in the store.  Since virtually every review I found was very positive I bought the P505 on the spot.  I took it to the Flight Museum last night (highly recommended) and it performed very well.

The camera has a larger lens than the shirt pocket sized ones you’ve probably seen which provides a great zoom (5x optical) yet keeps the size very small.  It records video direct to MPEG4 and you can record as long as you want, dependent on available storage space.  The flash works great, the camera can shoot in either fully automatic mode or full manual mode which is nice for those artistic shots.  The LCD screen can be swiveled at any angle for hard to take shots and even swivels completely around to place it so it fits flush with the camera back, just like most fixed position screens.  This is really handy for keeping the form small while shooting yet flexible enough to let you hold the camera above a crowd and still see what you’re shooting.  I’ll give some impressions on using the camera later but for now here’s a photo I took last night:


Bear in mind it was very overcast and I haven’t gotten familiar with the camera settings yet.  I just pointed and shot this from about 50 feet away.