Most Interesting Rumor I’ve Heard Lately

Apparently Leopard is going to be released this year. In fact, Rumor mongers have it nailed down – sometime between like next week and June. So rest easy knowing it’ll be here at some point…. But that is not the interesting rumor, believe it or not.

CrunchGear serves it up hot with the idea that Apple could possibly maybe in a million years license the iPhone OS to other manufacturers. Is this Apple’s style? No way. But I (being not even a fraction of the business mind of Steve Jobs) think the potential could be there for Apple on this one. Who couldn’t benefit from a better operating system on their cell phone?

In my own experiences, mobile phone operating systems are awful. Symbian OS is pretty good, but if it’s under powered it’s sluggish as all get out. Motorola’s operating systems generally suck – and that’s being nice about it. Windows Mobile 5 (don’t know about 6 yet) has a couple of strengths, but at the end of the day it’s definitely Windows. I haven’t used Palm much, so I’ll leave them be for now…

Maybe Apple’s iPhone OS is the answer to the horrible treatment we’ve gotten on this daily-use device for so many of us. But I’m sure I hope against hope – Apple’s a hardware company, remember….?