Video Fingerprinting Bull Market

Thank You For Suing! Viacom has just rung the opening bell on a bull market in the video fingerprinting technology start-ups. Not a day goes by when we hear about some tiny tot making claims that they can catch nefarious videos in the act, and help save the YouTubes of the world from legal action.

This hot-button topic is only going to attract more and more players. Yesterday MotionDSP launched its offering (we have seen it – it actually works) joining the long list of names: Attributor ($10 million in funding from the likes of Sigma Partners, Selby Venture Partners, Draper Richards, First Round Capital and Amicus Capital), Audible Magic, Philips and iPharro. Who are we missing?

Where were all these guys, Chad and Steve must be asking themselves, when we really needed them! Does anyone else feel that they are like spam/virus protection companies: you can’t really tell if the technology works or not?