Is Vodafone’s Starfish really iSkoot?

iskootclient.jpgAt CeBit tradeshow in Hanover, Germany, Vodafone, world largest mobile carrier (not including China) showed off a new mobile VoIP client, code named Starfish, that allows people to call their Internet chat buddies including those on the Skype service. It supports MSN, AOL and Yahoo as well.

A similar service has been launched by the 3G wireless carrier, “3” in UK. The “3” service is being powered by iSkoot. In previous conversations with iSkoot management we had learnt that they were planning to support all IM services (including Skype.) Vodafone’s Starfish looks like a custom version of iSkoot.

We posed this question to Jacob Gudedalia, CEO of iSkoot, but he declined to comment on the news. The Boston-based company that is backed by Vinod Khosla’s Khosla Ventures has been in talks with other mobile carriers for its mobile-VoIP-chat-IM service. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Starfish is really iSkoot.

“We have not yet decided if we will launch it, or the commercial terms and prices,” Jan Holzberg, the manager for the product at Vodafone Group, said on Thursday.