Starting things up with Nutshell

nutshellWith plenty of start pages on the market, it’s about time one gets back to the simple things that life needs with no distractions. Our former favorite simple active desktop application for PCs that we reviewed in January called Wallnote has since been upgraded with a clean and fresh interface now called Nutshell. Unfortunately, the active desktop feature is no longer supported, hence the reason for the upgrade to this new start page option. Nutshell comes with just the basics, no RSS feed reading, no widgets, no gadgets, just a search bar, Note area, and stuff to do area that can be exported to RSS, printed, or emailed.

Having your Nutshell account as the initial page you see when opening your daily browser window is quite helpful. No need to visit another site or open Outlook to your 100 inbox items and be overwhelmed. Simply take a peek at a few important notes and some stuff to do then go about your business.

Nutshell also has a built in search bar with search shortcuts. For instance if you wanted to search Google for Web Worker Daily, you would simply type “g webworkerdaily”. There is currently a list of 23 search shortcuts, and Nutshell gives users the ability to create their own.

We have been testing this out for a few days now, and if you are looking for a simple no distraction start page with just the basics, Alex Griffioen’s free Nutshell should be on your list of ones to test out.