Twitter, Misunderstood?

Twitter, one of the first offerings from Ev Williams’ Obvious Corp., crossed the chasm and became passe at the same time at the South by South West gathering in Austin, Texas earlier this month. Even Wall Street Journal decided to weigh in on the topic.

Many of the complaints are issues we had brought up the first time we wrote about Twitter last year. From the wide range of reactions SMS is not a natural communications medium for a certain demographic that resides in the US. Europeans, Asians and rest of the planet seems to be at ease with the intrusiveness of SMS messages.

Same holds true for a new generation of mobile Americans – the tweens, teens and those who still get their jollies from the college team’s performance during the March Madness. Narendra Rocherolle, co-founder of 30 Boxes sums it up nicely when he writes,

For those who see their mobile phone exclusively for utility, twitter may quickly become a nag. I have a higher threshold than most for new toys and was rewarded with the discovery of an entirely new use case.

WebWorkerDaily has come up with a list of eight ways Twitter can be useful professionally and why you shouldn’t use it for managing your to-do-list. You can also add GPS-based location data to your Twitter plans using a mobile widget from uLocate, available on the site.