Fox executive new TechCrunch CEO

Heather Harde, senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions at Fox Interactive Media is all set to join as the new chief executive officer at TechCrunch, a technology blog edited and published by Michael Arrington.

Arrington could not be reached for a comment. We left him a voice mail and tried to contact him via email as well.

We are still trying to were able to confirm this information with FIM., but there is little chance we can get this information before the start of the new week. Harde was one of the early hires by Ross Levinsohn, former president of FIM.

Harde, worked on many deals for FIM including the acquisitions of Newroo and kSolo. A frequent guest at some of the earlier TechCrunch parties, Harde is quite familiar with the Silicon Valley landscape and spent a considerable amount of time in Northern California.

As someone who is trying to balance editorial tasks with chief janitorial duties that go with the title of a founder, Harde’s presence will help Arrington focus most of his energies on editorial.

Photo: Harde and Arrington, sharing a laugh at Gnomedex; copyright: Laughing Squid/Scott Beale, hosted by Flickr.