Google Has Adscape, Microsoft has Massive… Sony Next?

We’ve recently discussed Google’s planned acquisition of advertising company, Adscape, and now it appears that the deal is final. In a post on the official Google blog, Bernie Stolar, Adscape’s ex-chairman, announced the move over to the Internet giant. Another day in the business, right? For the most part, yes, but Red Herring’s Ryan Olson brings up a very interesting point: now that everyone has ad companies (Microsoft with Massive, Google with Adscape), is Sony going to join suit?

Microsoft, being the owners of Massive, is in a perfect position to do whatever they like with in-game advertising that, while unpopular, is definitely gaining ground in the arena of gaming revenue. That’s what brings us to Sony. There’s going to be plenty of room for ads in Sony’s new Home network, so why not put them there? If anything, Sony would be the most justified because they don’t actually charge for their network. So what are the options?

There are three ways for Sony to approach in-game advertising. The purchase option is a touch dangerous in Sony’s current financial situation, so that’s not likely the way they’d want to go. Sony could try to develop their own ad system, but that would take quite a bit more work. That leaves one more option: choose an ad company to go with. Massive is out, of course, so who do they go with? There’s always Google, which has the added bonus of irritating Microsoft to no end. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an announcement along those lines in the next few months.