Emap Ramps Up Online Strategy, Digital Head for Each Consumer Arm

The UK’s second-placed magazine publisher, Emap, is looking to expand its online media strategy, with a deadline having just expired for three new digital directors. The new hires will be deployed in the company’s lifestyle, specialist and radio consumer divisions. This advertisement (in the Google cache) signals Emap’s intention: “The ‘digital’ business accounts for circa 10 percent of the total group revenues; our ambition is for 30 percent of the Emap PLC business to be ‘digital’ within 3 years, to grow revenues from in excess of £4 million ($87.5 million) to create a £100 million ($194.5 million) business by 09/10.” Emap has so far dipped its toes into the water with a range of branded TV channels, a partnership with 3 UK to provide mobile ringtones, a hook-up with user-generated content enabler Activefone to take photos from readers and, most notably, its February acquisition of UGC platform YoSpace.