FeedYes, For sale on eBay

Another start-up is putting itself for sale on eBay. Today, FeedYES, an RSS-related company decided to opt out and auction itself. Thus far they have received a high bid of $22,500. “

FeedYES.com, the website that gives every page on the Internet its own unique feed, has decided to auction itself. Growing number of users has brought about higher demands from users. At the same time, the service needs to be commercialized. Therefore, FeedYES.com is looking for a strong buyer, in order to enhance the service for users.

Ironically, a lot of FeedYES were using the service to keep track of eBay listings via RSS.  We have reported on several start-ups that have decided to go under the virtual hammer, some with little or no success. Others doing quite well and returning as stars of a reality TV show. (Hat tip, Jake)