The Really New NewTeeVee

Its been a little over three months since we launched NewTeeVee, our site devoted to the fast changing world of online video. Secretly, we aspired to be the Variety of this new medium, though we aren’t foolish enough to think that it was even possible for us become even a pale shadow of that great publication. Still, we think of it as worthy role model. Of course, we had no idea if the site was going to work or not.

In three months that have gone by, we have had tremendous feedback not only from our readers, but a whole new audience that includes the folks who are changing the world, or as has dubbed it – exploding the teevee.

With the little sapling taking root, we decided it was time for us to give it a facelift, enhance its look and feel to reflect more of the community Liz, Jackson, Paul and our stellar line up of writers have fostered. We entrusted Nicolo Volpato, the genius who designed my personal blog to play Doctor 90210.

Take a look, and see for yourself what a great job he has done. Folks from vod:pod built the awesome widget that you see on the top of the new site, thus making it easier for you to enjoy the top videos curated by NewTeeVee editors. We owe them our many thanks, as we do to you readers – the feedback you have sent us, has been great help in shaping the new look for NewTeeVee.