Cablevision Loses Network DVR Case In Court

Cablevision has lost a legal battle against several studios and TV networks to introduce a network-based DVR service. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin in New York ruled against the cable company.
It had hoped a network-based DVR system, called Remote Storage DVR or RS-DVR, would have done away with the need for the installation digital set-top boxes in subscribers’ homes, and instead the storage would be on the cable company’s end. Other cable operators had been vocal in their support for such a system, but have not jumped into it for fear of such legal reprisal.
Chin agreed with the studios and networks in his ruling: “The RS-DVR is clearly a service, and I hold that in providing this service, it is Cablevision that does the copying.”
MultiChannel: The ruling was applauded by one major programmer, Turner Broadcasting System. “Obviously, we are very satisfied with the result and we are pleased that the court has accepted our view of the rules of the road: headend-based copying requires a license,” said a Turner spokesperson.
Update: Cablevision is considering an appeal.
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