Facebook: the New Publisher

Disintermediation will be complete when Facebook becomes “a massive publisher.” That’s where CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggests his company is headed in an interview published in the Wall Street Journal today (see it here; official version here).

Facebook’s newsfeed, a personalized account of recent activity across your network which greets you when you sign on, first caused a ruckus, but now is surely one of the site’s most-used features. Zuckerberg displays his characteristic modesty when asked about the experience: “That’s just something that goes along with being revolutionary.”

“In the next iterations, you’re going to see real stories being produced,” Zuckerberg says. “‘These people went to this party and they did this the next day and then here’s the discussion that was taking place off of this article in The Wall Street Journal. And these two people went to this party and they broke up the next day.'”

Whatever, you can start weaving together real events into stories. As these start to approach being stories, we turn into a massive publisher. Twenty to 30 snippets of information or stories a day, that’s like 300 million stories a day. It gets to a point where we are publishing more in a day than most other publications have in the history of their whole existence.”

So watch out, gossip rags — you’re Mark Zuckerberg’s next target.