Sprint teams with cable providers for ‘Pivot’

Sprint_logoAs quickly as new services are appearing these days, older services seem to be integrating. Sprint just partnered with TimeWarner, Cox and Advance/Newhouse to consolidate wireless and wired offerings in a few areas; over 40 markets will have the new ‘Pivot’ service this year. Pivot will offer “the ability to watch live and mobile TV, access home TV listings using a programming guide like the one they use at home, check home email and voicemail from one source, access the Internet, make unlimited calls between their cable home service and mobile phones, and have the convenience of one point of contact for service and billing.“If you live in one of the following eight areas, you can get your Pivot on now; the rest of us can only read the press release and wonder if it’s a good idea to group our currently disparate services: Raleigh, N.C.; Austin, Tex.; Boston; Portland, Ore.; San Diego; Phoenix; Cincinnati; and Dayton, Ohio.