Claims To Clock 480,000 Transactions And $100 Million In Sales In Year One

More numbers from the online travel trade. In an interview with EyeForTravel, travel portal‘s CEO Sandeep Murthy said that his company would close the first 12 months of operation (in July 2007) with 480,000 transactions, giving gross sales of over $100 million. That’s about Rs 9,000 per transaction.
That’s a lot of money. My gut feel is that most of the domestic tickets sold on travel portals could be among the metros and short haul trips. Then most of the tickets could be priced at Rs 5,000 or less apiece. Maybe somebody from travel trade can advise us on this. Cleartrip had targeted 400,000 transactions in the first 12 months anyways.
Murthy said: “We have seen a prolific rise in numbers since November 2006 and we are reaching new heights in our sales volume almost every week every since November.” Murthy also claimed that Cleartrip had achieved within eight months of operation “a very close second” position in the domestic travel retail space.
Recently, a leading player told me that would have pushed Travelguru from No 2 position. That can be the most contentious position in the business anyways.