Gameloft to Bring Gaming to BlackBerry… but Who’s Buying?

Gameloft, mobile game developer, has told the NY Times that they’re now working on products for the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry, a mobile email and web browsing device, was developed by Research In Motion, a Canadian firm, and introduced into the market in 1999. So far, the BlackBerry hasn’t really been the focus of gaming due to lack of sophisticated graphic capabilities, but that’s about to change. Is the BlackBerry user base ready for games?

Though the concept of moving games to the BlackBerry is an attractive one, who will actually buy these games? The user numbers are there, definitely, seeing as how there were over 6.2 million subscribers by October of 2006, but the common perception is that most BlackBerrys are being used by an older client base for mobile web and email access doesn’t exactly scream “I want to buy games.” That’s the real danger that Gameloft faces.

However, their are quite a few positives to the notion of branching to the berry. The new BlackBerry on the market is the Pearl, and it’s being offered for a fairly reasonable price with most subscription plans. As the newer model hits the market and reaches wider circulation, maybe the demographic will change to one that’s more interested in gaming. It’s a gamble that, if it succeeds, can pay off big and will put GameLoft in front of over 6 million new faces. If it doesn’t, well, at least the BlackBerry will help waste plenty of time before and during meetings.