Xbox Gets An Elite Upgrade; New Studio Partners On Movie Downloads

Microsoft has give the Xbox360 an upgrade, called Xbox360 Elite, with a 120-GB hard drive and a souped up HD video connection, in a bid to broaden the appeal of its popular console beyond video games. The earlier version has 20GB storage. The new Xbox 360 Elite will sell for $479.99. Consumers who already own the $399.99 20-gigabyte model will be able to buy a snap-on 120-gigabyte hard drive for $179.99, reports AP.
Also, importantly for the content industry, it has added an HDMI connection, which sends HD content from the console to the TV without losing picture or sound quality, while also helping prevent piracy, the story says.
On the content side, it has announced new partners: New Line is the latest studio to join Microsoft’s Xbox Live video download service, while existing partner Paramount is going HD, reports Variety. Paramount has been in the service since Nov, but going HD for the first time. Warner Bros. has offered pics in HD since the service launched, while Lionsgate joined in January with HD.
A&E is also joining this week with digital downloads of its TV shows, including “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Shows from CBS, MTV Networks, WB and Paramount TV are already on Xbox Live, with many available in HD. Action sports company TotalVid and Japanese anime distrib ADV Films have also signed onto the service.
Gizmodo: People are spending about 40% of their time using the Xbox 360 for a lot of these entertainment-type experiences like music, movies and TV.