Coming soon: Yahoo Mail API, turns it into a platform

What took them so long? Yahoo has finally figured out that the way to beat Google and others is through leveraging its two core and most important assets: My.Yahoo! and Yahoo! Mail. These are two services that make Yahoo universally recognizable and make it a daily part of millions of lives.

Yahoo! Mail in particular acts a technological bond between the Sunnyvale-based company and hundreds of millions of its customers. Google can only dream of that direct relationship. By announcing unlimited storage for Yahoo! Mail, they have made the service more valuable, giving their web mail users a reason to stay inside the Yahoo mailbox longer. They have started to add new features – a feed reader, for instance – into their application.

What it shows is that the company is beginning to think of Yahoo Mail as a platform, leveraging cheap storage and a mega audience.

I think the other shoe is going to drop tomorrow when Yahoo in all likelihood is going to announce a Yahoo Mail API, which would open up the service to third party developers. (Here is the screencast!)

Chad Dickerson from Yahoo Developers’ Network semi-announced this today at the ETech conference, though he did not specify a day when it is going to be released, though our sources are pointing to tomorrow. What could this API do? We will have to wait and find out the details, but a good start would be an offline client, saving us from those screen-hogging ads that Yahoo serves up.

Since I am caffeine-deprived today, let me ask you, what would you do with a Yahoo Mail API?