Eisner’s PromQueen hooks up with MySpace

Michael Eisner’s Prom Queen has a new home: MySpace. The site will have a twelve-hour exclusive on each episode of the show, which should be a shot in the arm for MySpace Video.

Traffic to the popular social network’s video section has been meandering in the #2 spot for a long time, failing to gain ground on YouTube, according to data just released by Compete, a web analysis company. This is the second month in a row that MySpace has lost market share, according to Compete.com data, though other traffic measurement services don’t seem to indicate such.

In an interview with Liz Gannes over on NewTeeVee, Eisner shares his thoughts on online video revolution. “I don’t look at it as web content. It is being distributed in a different mode. Hopefully [people] will forget whether it’s sitting on their lap or on a screen or on a desk, they’ll just be engaged in what the characters are saying. ” You can read the full interview here.