I have accepted a position with Apple Computer!

Jk_icon_100pixI don’t write about a lot of personal stuff here on jkOnTheRun but this is so big I can’t help myself.  I have been offered and accepted a job with Apple and I couldn’t be more excited.  It seems my purchase of a MacBook Pro didn’t go unnoticed in Cupertino and Steve Jobs himself has been negotiating my employment and we reached final terms at 12:01 last night.  What will I be doing for Apple?  Well, it’s kind of hard to describe.  At first our conversation was touching on an evangelist position, where I would be a public face to promote Apple products.  As the discussion progressed, the new position changed somewhat and I am excited to announce that I will be Apple’s new "Technical Competitor Demonist".  Yes, my job function will be to tear down all of Apple’s competitors, not the least of which is Microsoft, Google, AOL, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Fujitsu, Canon, and General Foods.  This will be a very easy job for me because of course Apple is so darn much better than everyone else out there.

I didn’t think this job was going to happen as my love for the Tablet PC was a real sticking point as far as working for Apple went but the arrival at 3 am this morning of my new Apple iInk Real Slate removed the last obstacle.  It’s a real beauty too, 15 inch slate with a dockable/ removable iPhone onboard.  It’s going to make demonizing the competitor’s products that much easier for me.  I will be commuting to Cupertino every day, something that will be difficult but hey, I get to work for Apple and have an office next door to Steve Jobs.  I was concerned that there would be a conflict with my being a Microsoft MVP and all but Steve assured me they would never ask me to use privileged information for the good of Apple.  And I believe him.  SLOOF LIRPA