Is Microsoft April-Foolin’ or did I get an MVP award?

Usually on a Sunday morning, I’ll sleep in. Today I woke up for no good reason at 4:55am. Don’t know why, just couldn’t sleep. I headed downstairs for a quick drink of water, but had no urge to try sleeping again. Samantha, the Samsung Q1P, was nearby, so we dealt with our insomnia together and checked e-mail. Can you believe that not 20 minutes prior, the above e-mail was sent to me? I seriously thought it was an April Fool’s day joke, but it appears that it’s not: Microsoft was kind enough to award me a Tablet PC MVP!

The award is to recognize contributions to the technical area and community over the past year. I hope than in some way, I’ve helped you along in your Tablet PC or UMPC endeavors in that time. If I haven’t, I look forward to helping you in the future! I’m absolutely thrilled to join the great Tablet PC community folks like James, Marc (who has a new book out now!), Warner, Rob, Dennis, Hugo, Craig and all the rest. Sorry if I didn’t mention all 19 of the current Tablet MVPs; I think the early hour is catching up to me. I’m going back to bed!