MyP2P Index of Live Sports

It’s opening day of the baseball season here in the United States, while Cricket World Cup action continues in the West Indies. I’m clicking between watching the Yankees versus the Devil Rays in Tampa and New Zealand versus Bangladesh in Antigua. I could watch some of the NCAA Championship Game later and after that check out the Curling World Championships in Edmonton — I’ve got five bucks that says Norway will totally demolish Sweden, eh.

MLB on

No, I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on various league packages on a cable or satellite network. I’m testing out streams indexed on MyP2P. It’s just one of many sites that index less-than-legal streams of sports and other content from around the world. The P2P aspect seems to be that users with authorized connections are digitizing the content and making the stream available on the fly.

I needed to download SopCast to watch the particular streams mentioned above, both of which were suggested by NewTeeVee readers in response to my post about PPStream. GHacks has a good review of a both services, along with PPLive.

Once I get a SopCast stream working, I can sometimes switch over to VLC or Windows Media Player to watch the action in full-screen. The quality isn’t the best — in fact, the word that comes to mind in describing the process to get it all working is “janky” — but as someone who’s dealt with MLB TV over the years, including lack of Mac support and local blackouts, it’s not necessarily more complicated than configuring official streams that I’ve had to pay for.

Still, not for the faint of heart. I have no idea if it will work on a Mac (even with Parallels), there’s no guarantees any of it will work and even if it does, who knows if I just threw the door open to my system and let all sorts of malware in. Besides, I just don’t have time to sit around watching sports all day, as much as I’d like to. But for the passionate fan of sport or unregenerate punter, it’s clear that copyright infringement presents little hurdle. Play ball!

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