Vonage saved by VoIP Inc., for now

One of the most memorable lines in recent cinematic history is when Dr. Evil in Austin Powers utters, “Throw me a fricking bone.” That was the first thought that came to mind when reading about Vonage having found a work around their patent mess, thanks to VoIP Inc., a little VoIP company from Florida.

Verizon recently won its patent infringement battle against Vonage, and unless the Holmdel, NJ-based VOIP company got a stay from the federal court on April 6, it was facing a lights-out type situation. However, this deal with VoIP Inc. – will help Vonage stay open for business at the very least.

According to a 8-K filing by VoIP Inc., it was going to provide Vonage with certain network services, though the filing didn’t really reveal the financial terms. VoIP Inc., has patents and has a subsidiary that provides direct VoIP interconnection facilities with multiple carriers.

The deal could at least help Vonage address 2-out-of-3 Verizon patents that have landed it in hot water. Two of the patents deal with how VoIP calls connect to the PSTN network and the third one is about making VoIP calls via Wi-Fi phones.

Vonage is delaying filing its annual report pending the federal court’s decision (expected on April 6.) Funny how they were mocking the market for overreacting – Vonage actions since then show that over reaction was justified.

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