Creative Commons Content for Your Videos

Michael Arrington points to sites where you can find all sorts of copyrighted video video content, which is good for guilty pleasure, but what about sites or content where you can find content that’s DRM-free, copysafe and even usable in your own creative efforts?

Revver and Blip: YouTube doesn’t allow for ‘directors’ to specify a license for their work, where it’s full copyright or nothing. Revver, on the other hand, defaults to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. Meaning that you can certainly download, trade and create video collages for yourself and friends. search does them one better, allowing creators to specify a license and users to search media based on licensing — a practice which heralds a paradigm shift in stock footage.

SpinXpress: The entire technical underpinnings of the web means that if you can see or hear it, there’s probably a way to grab the data and work with it — if not a will to make easy for you. Enter SpinXpress. It’s a place to publish work, but it’s also a place for publishers to find work for their own purposes. Video is a collaborative medium, and the great thing about uploading something and allowing people to reuse it means that you could unintentionally collaborate in the creation of something fantastic.

Audio resources: CCMixter radio is a fantastic source for music for video projects and clips to mash up and build your own scores. The Podsafe Music Network is another. And if you’re looking for the proper dog bark or gun shot, I highly recommend the Freesound Project.

Photo resources: Having blogged for a few years, I’ve become intimately acquainted with Flickr’s Creative Commons search. Nearly 4 million photos are licensed under CC’s least restrictive terms — Attribution — meaning all you need to do is shout out the photographer in the credits and you can plaster their photos all over your project.

With Google’s advanced search page and Yahoo’s CC search, something you like is bound to turn up. For more sites and ideas, check out this exhaustive listing at Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space. Search and ye shall find.