Pacsafe carries and protects that mobile gear

Daysafe_200Face it, you spend bunches of your hard-earned coin on mobile gear whether it’s a $15 USB shaver or a $2,000 notebook that works when it wants to. If you’re looking for that extra-protection on your investments, Pacsafe might be the place to look. Pacsafe gear bags have security that I haven’t seen on any other bags, features like:

  • eXomesh slashproof panels
  • Stainless steel, slashproof wires embedded in the straps
  • Snatchproof anchor-clips and locks; some models have built in combo-locks to secure your bag to an immobile object!
  • Tamperproof zippers

There are security bags in every shape and size, while the $180 DaySafe 200 (pictured) looks good for notebooks 15-inches or less in size.

(via GearLog)