Timeline: Qualcomm, Nokia Duel

Qualcomm and Nokia used to be pals — or at least civil — and struck licensing deals years ago. Computer Business Review Online even reported that Nokia could pay as much as $500 million a year in royalties to Qualcomm — a substantial revenue driver for Qualcomm and significant intellectual property access for Nokia.

Now after years of a bitter dispute over Qualcomm’s royalty rates and intellectual property rights, marked by the latest patent infringement suit and a $20 million payment for patent licenses from Nokia week (update), the companies are facing the end of parts of their agreement on April 9th, 2007. Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs has said he isn’t too optimistic they can reach a deal, and according to Lazard Capital Markets, Qualcomm intends to spend over $200 million this year in legal fees to defend its royalty rate. How did things get so bad? Check out our timeline of the Nokia, Qualcomm feud: