People notice when your mobile gear works well

Assembling an effective mobile tool kit is not always easy but when you get all the pieces in place it not only works well but other people take notice even though you might not realize it.  I was at Big Oil Co this morning (at 6:30 as usual) when I checked my email and saw that I would be moving to a different office for the third time in 3 months. The new office is on a different floor and I’m happy to move so maybe my EVDO connection will be better than it is now. My hack works OK but the signal is still weak.  I picked up my Booq backpack with my gear to check out the new digs and test the EVDO.  As I was leaving the new office two coworkers were chatting in the hall and one of them asked if I was checking out the new office.  The other guy made the statement that moving offices would disrupt my work for days.  Coworker #1 said "Not for James. He has a complete mobile office in that little backpack. He can work anywhere with no compromises."  Man that felt good. 🙂