Friday Vid Picks: Videoblogging Week

A web-wide effort to promote independent online video, Videoblogging Week, has nearly come to a close. Vloggers were asked to post something new every day for a week and to include the tag “videobloggingweek2007” so that they could be easily found on sharing sites, and tracked on Technorati and Mefeedia. It’s kind of like pilot season, where it’s all about trying new things and finding new shows.

Here are some of my favorites:

Jesus has returned for Easter! And he’s answering questions from Rondolfe Wicker about his work for Twisted Television. Though he admits that since returning, “I tend to scare small children.”

“Prepare yourself for the apocalypse. No area should be overlooked. Milk and green vegetables are a must.” Aaron Valdez drives the point home in the creepiest, most chillingly compelling way possible for “Fifth Doctrine” of Wreck & Salvage.The Faux Press gets a little lyrical in this “Ode to Spring.” There’s nothing that said you had to “go big” for Videoblogging Week — little notes like this are quite graceful.

Mark Day has been making a heroic effort to build bridges between the videobloggers and the YouTubers. Here he explains the popular YouTube varieties, with high tech infographics, and then introduces YouTube kids to the indies like a counselor brokering a friendship between two shy summer campers.The best thing about video blogging week isn’t just keeping tabs on vloggers you know, but finding cool new shows. All consumatron did was tag his regular daily minute of consumer news, and then win me over by taking a bite out of a stick of butter.