Enterprise Skype on the Horizon? Yes!

Our Skype-radar is picking up blogger reports of an enterprise version of Skype on the horizon, with one blog saying it received an invitation to an early-adopter program for enterprises of 1,000 employees or more. Cribbing from the blog (which according to the blog is cribbing from a Skype Business Newsletter), the enterprise version will allow “company-owned Skype name creation” and “Direct technical support from Skype,” among other features.

UPDATE: Skype confirms the enterprise version is in the works. More after the jump. We’ve got messages in to Skype to find out more, and in the meantime there is always today’s formally announced Skype 2.6 Beta for the Macintosh, more info from the Skype Mac Blog. According to the blog, the new Mac version allows you to “transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user,” a feature not yet available in the Windows versions.

One of Skype’s PR contacts emailed us to confirm that what the bloggers are reporting is true, there is an enterprise version in the works and Skype is seeking early adopter users. A truncated version of the official email message says:

At this time, we are at the very beginning of testing an enterprise offering and Skype is inviting a limited number of businesses to be part of an Early Adopter program. We look forward to hearing from business users at the early stages so we make sure that we can create a really great product that people love using.

According to the blog linked above, the email to send your company’s info to is enterprisesolutions [at] skype.net.