My UMPC has Speed Dial for websites: Opera 9.2

Opera_speed_dialThe latest version of Opera has a nifty feature called "Speed Dial" that comes in handy with a UMPC. Sure, you can use it on any Windows machine, but it gets me to my favorite sites pretty quickly on Samantha, the Samsung Q1P. You start using the new feature in a blank browser tab where you can save up to nine of your favorite sites. Each site takes a spot on the 3 x 3 page and you can drag or move sites to the nine different placeholders. The idea is that these sites are set to "speed dial" just like nine of your most used phone numbers on a phone. If you need quick access to any of the nine sites, you just enter the number in the Opera address bar.

Since Opera isn’t natively tablet aware, I’m not inking the speed dial numbers. Just opening a new tab brings up your speed dial sites so you can easily tap one for access. Similar to favorites in IE? Sure it is, but the larger size of the speed dial buttons make it simple to tap and go. You don’t need to waste space in a Links bar either. If you’d rather not download the free Opera 9.2 browser, you can get a feel for the Speed Dial feature with this short video demo.