Future of Intel’s ultramobile PC?

Update: Infoworld has a long piece on Intel’s pending announcement.

Intel is set to announce at its IDF (Intel Developer Forum) conference starting Monday in Beijing that it will launch a new UMPC platform called McCaslin using a Stealey microprocessor running at 600MHz or 800MHz and capable of supporting Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS, according to several technology blogs.

The initiative may not produce quick profits for Intel. Critics say that vendors are trying to push UMPCs into an awkward market space called the “one-kilogram wasteland” with neither the long battery life of smartphones nor the fast processing power of laptop PCs. Intel has already dipped a toe in these waters, providing a Pentium M processor for Vulcan’s FlipStart. But like the competing Samsung Q1, Sony UX, and OQO Model 02, that product has seen limited sales to niche buyers.

Interesting video that outlines what the future of UMPC might actually look like – or at least that’s the vision. This could be coming soon…. in Beijing next week…who knows! Have you seen this video before? I haven’t. Check it out.