Make Color Labels Work For You

The color labels that OS X provides for users seem to be a veritable Swiss Army Knife. If you don’t currently use them you’re probably not going to believe me on that last statement. But the more I play with them, the more I realize they can do. The best part is that you can tell programs like Automator or Apple Scripts to key off the different label colors that you may have applied to your files.

Now the main issue here is early-on, deciding on a coloring scheme, and sticking to it. If your files are all willy nilly in their colored labels, you may not have as much success using them to your advantage. But then again I could be wrong I suppose.

If you’re curious to start playing with color labels, here’s a neat Apple Script posted at MacOSXHints. If you set it up as a Folder Action, it will color files based on their file type (movie files as blue, text documents as green, etc, etc). Seems like a nice way of quickly identifying what’s what when you get to that folder view and want to find the movie files without having to resort the columns…