Free Our Mobile Email

The over-funded and over-litigated world of push mobile email is about to get an upstart free service from an entrepreneur with substantial roots in the industry. The New York Times writes about Nicholas Fodor, the founder of Coral Gables, Florida-based SetNet, which will launch a free mobile push email option called Freedom Mail, perhaps as early as next month.

Fodor tells the New York Times that his work on mobile email in the ’90s, which led to a deal with French carrier SFR, predates some of the important patents in the push email industry. He says his service will “liberate wireless e-mail,” and will use mobile ads to support the service.

If Freedom Mail really does end up causing waves for past patents, it could be a real shock to the system for companies like NTP and Visto. Visto has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and is well known for its aggressive patent suits.

There are a lot of new services that are trying to bring push email to more phones for free, like Emoze. Freedom Mail probably has a better chance of causing trouble for the larger companies like Visto, than gaining major traction in the market place.

SetNet employees a staff of 11 to work on the service, with $6 million in funding from friends and family. We haven’t tested it out yet, but plan on checking it out when its ready and adding a more indepth review.