It pays to be a telco boss

There is nothing like having the top job at a phone company. Whether your stock goes up or down, you still make millions. In fact you make way more than say CEO of GE or Pepsi.

* In 2006, Richard Notebaert, CEO and Chairman of Qwest got a total compensation of $16.49 million ($1.1 million in base salary). Qwest stock doubled in 2006

* Gary Forsee, Chariman, CEO and President of Sprint Nextel’s total package for 2006: $21.3 million ($1.44 million in base salary.) Sprint Nextel shares swooned about 17% in 2006.

* However these two gentlemen made a lot less together when compared to Ed Whitacre, the CEO and Chairman of the largest phone company in the US, AT&T. His 2006 scorecard stands at $60.73 million ($2.1 million in base salary.) Ma Bell shares were up over 40% in 2006.

* Ivan Seidenberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon got a total package of $21.31 million in 2006 ($2.1 million in base salary.) Verizon shares were up about 24% in 2006.

Full scorecard is here.