Thurrott-isitions 2

Thurrott is back in action with the continuing contribution of fence riding quotes this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read his articles since I was a young little geek and enjoyed them. It’s just great to see someone who’s career has focused on Microsoft’s products continually speak highly of its competitors.

Here AppleMatters explains how it is still difficult to compare Apple to Dell configurations, and Thurrottistions into trying to make it fair anyway. Paul says:

Third, Dell offers far more configuration options than Apple. Steve Jobs made a big deal out of explaining the millions of potential configurations available with the Mac Pro. But the possibilities with any Dell workstation or PC are infinitely higher. Put simply, the range of options and prices you can get with Dell are far better than what’s possible with Apple. You can get very inexpensive Dells (less expensive than Apple, but less powerful) or very full-featured Dells (more powerful than anything Apple offers).”

According to Consumer Reports May 2007, Page 13, Only Apple stood out with the lowest failure and repair rating of all computer manufacturers. Being the Burger King of PC makers isn’t really an advantage if your stuff breaks more than others. Imagine if Burger King said “Hey have it your way, but if it makes you sick we’ll just cook you a new one”. In my own experiences, only people who have a above normal understanding of hardware even care about all the options Dell offers. Most consumers aren’t concerned with what pickle fits best on their burger, they just want to know the pickles they get are quality. The same is true for computers, people want to know how much they can store, will it be fast enough to do their work, and how easy, reliable and secure the system is.

The Thurrottisions continue on MDN, where Paul touts how easy Apple has made it to buy and use a Mac. Which is an advantage, infinite configurability or easy purchase and usability?