Twitter Leaves the Nest

A little South by Southwest love, a lot of mainstream press ink, and some overloaded servers have convinced Obvious to turn Twitter, its little hotshot web and SMS service, into its own company. Evan Williams’ Obvious Corp. said this week that it’s spinning off the tool into its own firm.

The time has come for Twitter to make that leap. We’re happy to announce that Twitter is graduating from the home of Obvious and becoming its own company—appropriately named, Twitter, Inc.

Williams said Twitter creator Jack Dorsey would serve as the new company’s CEO.

Liz’s story from Found+Read last week indicated Williams’ plans: “Twitter hasn’t raised any outside funding yet, though Williams says ‘It’s likely we’ll need to before long, but we’re past the point where I think it would be too early.’”

When your service name gets that much more high profile than your company moniker, its time to send the kid off to college. Williams says:

Twitter continues to grow, it will gain less from being under the Obvious umbrella and perhaps even push that umbrella until it flips inside out. Which doesn’t make the umbrella happy, and just gets in Twitter’s way. Perhaps I took the metaphor too far.

Perhaps, but we know what you mean.