Mazda integrates camera in mirror, just days after I backed into the garage

Mazda_backupcameraAh, that’s OK, I don’t have a Mazda anyway and I’m selling the house so I can move to Korea for a Q1P Ultra with WiBRO. For the rest of you, there’s an integrated rear-view camera coming to the Mazda CX-9; you’ll see what’s behind your SUV right in the mirror. A 2.4-inch LCD screen will show you the kids bicycle just before it becomes a mangled pile of tubes, gears and rubber. Don’t worry, you won’t have a virtual picture-in-picture while driving forward; a transflective screen causes the image to fade away when you’re not in reverse. That’s actually too bad: I wouldn’t mind pretending I was in a Nextel Cup race with one of the bumper-cams they use. That feeling alone would be worth the $675!

(via Gadgetell)