Animation Companies Look To Mobile For More Revenue

The Media Development Authority in Singapore has introduced schemes to help animation companies get their products onto platforms like mobile phones and the internet in a bid to boost the industry. One initiative, Invigorate, provides funding of S$25,000 (US$16,560) to create mobile games based on animated characters. As an example of the trend, Scrawl Studios are investing S$40,000 (US$26,500) into creating clips of its new animated series Nanoboy to download to mobile phones, as well as a shooting game based on the character.

“It helps us in terms of marketing. If you have a lot of eyeballs on the mob-pisodes, or a lot of download users for the mobile content, you can go to a broadcaster and say ‘Hey look, we have this target base, and we have already captured this consumer base for Nanoboy. So if it goes on-air, it will be a success,” Seng Choon Meng, head of Development at Scrawl Studios, told Channel News Asia. That’s not a typo by the way, the article refers to them as mob-pisodes throughout, which is a new one on me. Other moves include Zigby the Zebra and Katakune the silk worm which will get mobile games.