Another mobile VoIP softphone for WinMobile

240×240pda2.jpgCounterPath, a company that makes soft phone clients for Windows and Macintosh computers, seems to be branching out to the Windows Mobile. Looking for a Mobile VoIP client in Europe that runs on WinMobile devices?

Here is a new one: The client, called the X-PDA, is available in two flavors, depending on the screen size. The advantage of this type of a mobile VoIP client is that it can work with most independent VoIP services such as Broadvoice and Vonage.

The client is going to set you back between 25-ot-30 Euros. It seems to be optimized for HP iPAQ rx1950 and HP iPAQ hx2004. It is something I have not tested out, and can’t really tell you if this is going to work on all WinMobile devices. If you make it work on any other device, let me know. I will update the post accordingly.

Update: CounterPath says it is not their softclient, and emailed this statement: “On April 22, 2007, it was reported that CounterPathCounterPath Solutions, Inc. has not recently launched a mobile VoIP client, nor does it sell or support a product named X-PDA. CounterPath Solutions, Inc. is not affiliated with Global IP Telecommunications.” Solutions, Inc. released a new mobile VoIP client in Europe called X-PDA. This information is false.