Google’s privacy nightmare just starting

Nothing comes between my alogarithm and profits. Or so thought Google when it made a decision to buy DoubleClick for $3.1 billion dollars. Except they hadn’t counted on pesky politicians and busy bodies who would make a stink about the privacy policies of Google, and file complaints with say, Federal Trade Commission.

Electronics Privacy Information Center, Center for Digital Democracy and US Public Interest Research Group filed a complaint (#) with the FTC asking the government body to “assess the ability of Google to record, analyze, track, and profile the activities of Internet users with data that is both personally identifiable and data that is not personally identifiable.”

Though most of the issues are quite well known amongst the technorati, the groups are right in bringing them up, as Google’s dominance of the online world is only increasing. Just FYI, Vint Cerf, the Internet visionary and a Google vice president is on the board of advisers of EPIC, which in itself is worthy of a quip, except I can’t think of one right now.

Read: The Washington Post