Ad Supported P2P Music… Anyone?

Does everything have to be ad supported?

Today, there are two stories – one in The New York Times and one on Business 2.0’s website that look at the idea of P2P music downloads that are going to be advertising supported.

rollingstonetongue.jpegGiven that music industry has basically lost the battle over file-sharing networks, the logic behind alternative ways to monetize P2P music is understandable. Still, it is hard to imagine people enduring ads for free downloads, but then that just might be me.

Why wouldn’t they move to another network, which is ad free? That hasn’t deterred some start-ups who believe that there is money to be made (or lost) in this business.

Business 2.0, focuses on an Atlanta-based company, Intent Media Works, that also claims “that 60 percent of users are willing to endure the resulting pop-up ads.” The New York Times is focusing on Qtrax, which used to be an illegal file sharing network, but has gone legit and signed up Sony BMG.

Strangely enough Qtrax is doing business with former executives from SpiralFrog, another ad-supported music service that flamed out while trying to get to orbit. Rebel Digital is the new company by Former Spiral Frog CEO, Robin Kent, and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Lance Ford.

Back when SpiralFrog came out of stealth, Liz was skeptical about company’s chances. I don’t see why it would be different this time around.