Comcast no longer #1 in broadband

For a very long time, Comcast has been the #1 broadband service provider in the US. But it might be getting ready to lose its top spot to none other than AT&T, which reported a blockbuster quarter adding 691,000 new DSL subscribers (of which 681,000 are consumer DSL adds, Cynthia Brumfield, tells me) and taking its total subscriber base to 12.9 million.

In comparison, Comcast had 11.5 million subscribers at the end of 2006. So in order to stay dead even with AT&T, Comcast would need to add 1.4 million new subscribers for its broadband service in the first quarter of 2007, much higher than its quarterly average of 450,000+.

If you add 300,000-odd high speed customers it picks up as part of its deal with Insight, even then it would be difficult for Comcast to beat the AT&T total. For now, a DSL-based service provider is #1 in US.