All Things D Goes Live

All Things D, a tech commentary site from long-time Wall Street Journal writers Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, is now live. Owned by Dow Jones, the project is an online extension of the pair’s annual D: All Things Digital conference. Swisher will be reprising her WSJ BoomTown column as a blog and Mossberg will flesh out his ongoing personal technology columns with a section called Mossblog.

So far there’s not much fresh content on the site besides extensive disclosure pages for each author, but John Paczkowski, hired away from his bitingly sarcastic Good Morning Silicon Valley column, has started posting daily articles and videoblogs. (As a long-time GMSV reader familiar with Paczkowski’s cynicism and back troubles, I’d assumed he was an old fogey, but he’s actually pretty dashing, even on what’s clearly a cheap webcam.)

Swisher and Mossberg have clearly thought about which parts of the web they want to embrace and which they’d rather not, setting our a deliberate comment policy that requires registration and promises to excise comments that are “juvenile, venomous, self-promotional or irrelevant.” No ad hominem attacks whatsoever will be accepted — “There are plenty of places on the Web where you can accuse tech moguls of being greedy or vain. This isn’t one of them.” So while we at GigaOM might have some new competition, Valleywag has nothing to worry about.