Mac users get your FON on

FON, the share-your-Wi-Fi service company that announced a deal with Time Warner Cable earlier this week has released a new software (in beta of course!) that turns a Mac (Intel-based machines) or a Linux computer (preferably Ubuntu-based) into a FON spot.

In order to make the service work, you need to be connected to the Internet via the wired or 3G wireless connection. If its the later, it is almost guaranteed that Sprint and Verizon Wireless are going to come down on you hard.

You cannot share your Wi-Fi connections, however. Whisher, which launched at DEMO earlier, also offers a similar software download and allows you to share your wireless network. Of course, if you don’t want to be part of the FON network, then you can achieve the very same ends with the built-in network sharing features on a Mac. (Since I have little experience with Ubuntu-based computers, I digress.)

The company has also released a connection manager for Nokia E-Series phones that allows them to connect to FONspots. There were some bugs related to the bandwidth sharing management, and it seems like the company has fixed those.