PC Mag: time to reinvent the laptop

Tim Bajarin of PC Magazine has penned a good article about mobile PCs and road warriors.  He is the first journalist who has written about the UMPC who seems to actually get the platform and understand the needs they are designed to meet.  More importantly he knows what he wants and he lays those needs out very succinctly and explains why most UMPCs available today won’t meet those needs.  His article is most interesting as he reminisces about mobile devices of yore such as the Poqet PC and the NEC Mobile Pro handheld PC and laments how those devices, even though they appeared 10 years ago, could almost meet his needs now.  All we need is for some enterprising OEM to refresh them with full Vista compatibility and throw in USB and WWAN for good measure.  He’s sharp enough to realize the HTC Shift may be the device that he needs and he covers that for a bit, too.  I’ll bet if he sees the new Fujitsu UMPC he’ll say "game over".  It’s a good read and highly recommended.