For Mac users some backup options

Online storage options for Windows XP users are dime a dozen. Many of the popular ones don’t love the MAC as much. However, today Mozy launched the mac version of its product which according to Web Worker Daily is pretty good, and can compete nicely with existing options such as Carbonite and Titanize. Anne has put together a list of many different options to back-up your data.
I personally use Bingo Disk offered by Joyent. It has never failed me, and it is better than carrying around a USB drive, which I lose more often than I light up a cigar – a lot. Last time I checked, it had about 40 gigs of my data, and works almost seamlessly with Mac. Joyent also has some Automator actions that make it easier to use. If you want to try out Bingo Disk, there is a special offer for GigaOM readers. You can get 100 GB of disk available via WebDAV for $199/year and if you do, use the code “gigaom” during the check-out process as Promo Code and you get $20 off the first year.