Need NFL Draft Info? Go Online

It’s that time of year again — when crotchety old men gather around novelty helmet phones to pluck the fruits of the NCAA’s talent orchard, selecting a handful of 21-year-olds from the thousands who have been chasing the dream, risking life and limb on the gridiron in exchange for a college scholarship and a shot at the big time.

Nobody, of course, ever actually watched the draft until cable network ESPN came along and figured a weekend of draft coverage was a bigger draw than repeats of Australian Rules Football and “World’s Strongest Man” contests. Now you can catch full coverage on the NFL’s own network, as Will Ferrell and USC’s Ryan Kalil recommend in the goofy sketch above.

The NFL’s SportsLine web site also has plenty of player and analyst video, and then Sports Illustrated’s Gotuit-powered entry has even more for those draftniks who need to watch Adrian Peterson score touchdowns over and over.

If you start getting bored by waiting for teams “on the clock,” you can stay sharp by checking out player highlights on YouTube. Paul Kapustka recommends the athletic antics of LSU’s JaMarcus Russell, which I can only describe as “redonkulous.” And Sports Business Simulations is working with UStream to offer their own live video from on the scene at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

No word on whether or not there will be a separate camera to track activity from Mel Kiper Jr.’s hair, but don’t bet against it.